Limited resources can impede many companies’ in-house customer service and sales. By setting up leading-edge communication centers, Akila Digital will help you manage your campaigns, resolving and tracking customers’ issues in a timely, on-budget fashion. We offer packages for communication centers including voice, video, web, mobility, and messaging options according to the latest systems and business requirements.

Our proficiency in contact centers, communication hubs, and phone-enabled solutions is second to none. Fortune 100 companies, spanning U.S. and international territories, with over 7500 agents under direct management is only part of our unique experience. We believe that the telephone is the primary vehicle for communicating one’s value proposition while strengthening one’s holistic relationship via desktop and mobile for your brand, product and/or service, and vision.

Akila Digital manages and operates several communication centers across the U.S. and near-shore. We manage the entire sales funnel from visit and impression to click to call and contact to sale, intent, and positive financial outcome.

Our team does the benchmarking, testing, pilot, and rollout. We strategize for growth, economy of scale, and building an environment of meritocracy. The bottom line for the Akila Digital process encompasses user experience, quality, and execution. Period.

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